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Innovatech is one of the premier technology-focused manufacturer’s representatives in the western US, now serving both the Rocky Mountain and Southwest (AZ, NM, So. NV) regions.  Our company is measured by the quality of our supplier partners and the pedigree of our people.  Our partners consist of industry leaders in the high technology and semiconductor industry;  For active semiconductors : KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba Memory, includes SSSTC), Lattice Semiconductor, Nanya Technology Corp, QUALCOMM, SILERGY, TDK-Invensense, and Toshiba Semiconductor.  And for our IP&E portfolio : E-Switch, Genesis Connected, part of the ACES Group, PHD EnergyQualcomm RF, TDK (incl Epcos), TES, and TDK-Lambda.  Our sales organization consists of 7 experienced sales professionals, laser-focused on the signficant TAM accounts.    We couple this effort with regionally focused business development resources, and 2 individuals with 20+ years of industry related operational experience.  We offer sales coverage across the five Rocky Mountain states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming with additional local coverage in Arizona for Arizona, NM and southern NV.


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Featured Products

Innovatech, through our best-in-class partnerships, offers our valued customers access to a broad and extremely powerful technology portfolio.  Please follow the below link for access to some of the newest and most exciting products.


Silergy SY26190 16Vin, 20A POL.  Pin4Pin with MPx8633B and Txx548B28

TDK has expanded its ceralink capacitor family.  Typical applications use the smaller designs in either snubber or output capacitors. Due to its smaller dimensions, the new CeraLink SMD variant can be placed even closer to fast-switching power semiconductors like IGBT modules, SiC-based or GaN-based semiconductors. Alongside the low ESL values, the lead inductance is kept very low.

CeraLink capacitors are based on PLZT ceramics (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate). In contrast to conventional ceramic capacitors, their maximum capacitance is at operating voltage and even increases as the proportion of the ripple voltage increases.

Toshiba SIC power devices.  3rd Generation SiC power MOSFET, with lower diode forward voltage due to built-in SBD, Higher Vth can avoid malfunction

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