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Innovatech is one of the premier technology focused manufacturer’s representatives in the western US, now serving both the Rocky Mountain and Southwest (AZ, NM, So. NV) regions.  Our company is measured by the quality of our supplier partners and the pedigree of our people.  Our partners consist of industry leaders in the high technology and semiconductor industry;  For active semiconductors : Lattice Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated, , Nanya Technology Corp, QUALCOMM, SIMCOM, Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage and Toshiba Memory.  And for our IP&E portfolio : E-Switch, Genesis Connected SolutionsQualcomm RF, TDK (incl Epcos), and TDK-Lambda.  Our sales organization consists of 6 experienced sales professionals, laser-focused on the signficant TAM accounts, all with technical degrees, coupled with 2 regional resources focused on business development, and 2 individuals with 20+ years of industry related operational experience.  We offer sales coverage across the five Rocky Mountain states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming with the recent addition of local coverage in Arizona for Arizona, NM and southern NV.


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Featured Products

Innovatech, through our best-in-class partnerships, offers our valued customers access to a broad and extremely powerful technology portfolio.  Please follow the below link for access to some of the newest and most exciting products.


System designers can speed time to market for wearable and healthcare products with the MAX30102 pulse oximeter and heart rate integrated sensor module from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM). The integrated pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor module is an ultra-low power solution providing a complete system to save space and ease the design-in process for mobile and wearable devices.

Wearable equipment for vital-sign monitoring is rapidly evolving, and analog integration is at the heart of this. System-on-chip (SoC) and integrated module solutions are rapidly replacing discrete, multicomponent designs. The MAX30102 integrates red and IR LEDs to modulate LED pulses for oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate measurements.

Key Advantages

    • Ultra-low power: Extends battery life; Operates on a single 1.8V power supply and a separate 5V power supply for the internal LEDs
    • Space savings: Maintains a very small solution size without sacrificing optical or electrical performance; Integrates internal LEDs, photodetectors, optical elements, and low-noise electronics with ambient light rejection
    • Ease of design: Evaluation platform with the integrated module and an accelerometer provides a solution for customers to quickly evaluate the module

Toshiba Memory Corporation (TMC) sampling  fastest [2] SAS and enterprise NVMe TLC-based SSDs.



Development is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter. Both product lines are built with TMC (Toshiba Memory Corporation)'s latest 64 layer, 3-bit-per-cell enterprise TLC BiCS Flash [4], making it possible for today's demanding storage environments to expand the use of flash with cost-optimized 3D flash memory. With all-new, advanced features, the PM5 and CM5 series raise the bar in performance capabilities and create new opportunities for businesses to leverage the power of flash storage.

Offering up to 30.72TB [5] in a 2.5-inch form factor, the TMC PM5 series introduces a full range of endurance and capacity SAS SSDs enabling data centers to effectively address big data demands while streamlining storage deployments. With the MultiLink SAS [6] architecture, the PM5 series is able to deliver the fastest performance the market [2] has seen from a SAS-based SSD with up to 3,350 MB/s of sequential read and 2,720 MB/s of sequential write [7] in MultiLink mode and up to 400,000 random read IO/s [8] in narrow or MultiLink mode.

As the company's next generation NVMe SSD, the dual-port PCIe Gen3 x4 CM5 is a full-featured enterprise SSD. Like the PM5, it also supports multi-stream write technology. It is NVMe over Fabric-ready with scatter-gather list (SGL) and controller memory buffer (CMB) features.

The CMB feature uses a part of DRAM on the SSD as host-system memory, reducing DRAM used load of host-side and it enables high speed as a system. Utilizing firm's BiCS Flash 64-layer technology, the CM5 series has performance with up to 800,000 random read and 240,000 random write IO/s for the five DWPD [10] (drive writes per day) model and up to 220,000 random write IO/s for the three DWPD model, both with a maximum power draw of 18W. Additionally, the CM5 is being used as a platform to demonstrate and to enable the ecosystem around the Persistent Memory Region (PMR) capability. PMR enables customers to augment system memory with DRAM on the SSD without the use of expensive non-volatile DIMMs (NV-DIMMs). This feature makes it possible for a single SSD solution to provide both performance storage and persistent memory to meet system performance requirements, while reducing costs by moving metadata operations, such as logging, journaling and application staging to the SSD.

PM5 12Gbit/s SAS SSDs will be available in capacities ranging from 400GB to 30.72TB with sanitize instant erase (SIE) and Trusted Computing Group (TCG). CM5 NVMe SSDs will offer capacities ranging from 800GB to 15.36TB with SIE and TCG. Both TLC-based product lines offer industry standard endurance ratings with one, three and five DWPD options, and the PM5 has a ten DWPD option available.

The PM5 and CM5 series is sampling to select OEMs and was unveiled and demonstrated at the Flash Memory Summit.



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