The HK4E series are high performance and low power usage Enterprise SATA SSDs.
The 7.0mm height drive is available in high capacities up to 1.6TB. In addition, this  series supports PLP.
This product supports ATA Security Feature Set and TCG Enterprise 3.0 is selectable

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of TDK-Lambda’s CUT75 low profile, triple output power supplies.  In the industry standard 3” x 5” footprint, the series is just 1.06” in height and is well suited for industrial, broadcast and test & measurement applications.


Operating from a universal input voltage of 85 to 265VAC, the CUT75 is available in two standard models.  The CUT75-522 offers 5V +12V output voltages and the CUT75-5FF 5V +15V with an output power of 75W.  The units can be configured as dual output power supplies (5V 24V or 5V 30V) by connecting outputs 2 and 3 in series.


The MAX77818 is a high-performance companion PMIC for the latest smartphones and tablet computers. The PMIC includes a dual input, smart power path 3.0A switch mode charger with reverse boost capability and adapter input protection up to 16VDCwithstand, proprietary ModelGauge ™ m5 fuel gauge technology.

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